Map to Aranyas

Dhammahadaya Viharaya

Newly built centre in Anuradhapura

Labunoruwa Aranya

  • Postal Address: Labunoruwakanda Aranya Senasanaya, Muriyankadawala, Galenbindunuweva
  • Monastery phone: 077 277 4640 (Kassapa Thero – Abbot) Please do not call unnecessarily.
  • Email:

Directions to get there

The roads from both Maradankadwala and from Ganewalpola are marked in blue on the map.

Path 1:  From Habarana (via Ganewalpola)

  1. Travel on A6 Kurunegala – Trinco road
  2. You will come to Habarana junction (Northward to Trinco, East to Polonnaruwa, South to Kurunegala and West to Anuradhapura).  Habarana rest house (Ceylon Hotels Corporation is right there on the North West side)
  3. Turn to A11 towards Anuradhapura (North West)
  4. Turn right on Ganewalpola town (marked in green).  This road is in bad shape as of July 2011.  But you can still go in a car that has enough road clearance. (Ganewalpola being predominantly a Muslim town, people there would not know whereabouts of Labunoruwa Monastery.  However, if you ask for Muriyakadawala village and they would be able to give directions)
  5. Drive towards Muriyakadawala and ask directions to Labunoruwa monastery.  The last couple of mile distance is on a very small road through paddy fields.

Path 2:  From Maradankadawala

  1. From Maradankadawala ‘kada mandiya’, about 100-200 ft from the junction (where A11 meets A9 going towards Anuradhapura), there is a road to the right (East).  People in this area are aware of the monastery.
  2. This road too is in really bad condition as of July 2011. However, a new road development project seems underway.
  3. Drive about 7-8 km.  This road runs through the jungle and paddy fields.  The villagers can give directions to the monastery, if needed.
  4. The final leg of the trip is a very small dirt road through paddy fields and only one vehicle can pass.
  5. There is a small church just before the turn to the monastery. Once you come to the Labunoruwa monastery, you will see a metal gate.  The first building you find on the right side is the dana preparation hall.  Continue on until you come to a building under construction (as of July 2011).  Here you can ask the Liyana Mahattaya or any other caretaker that you want to see the venerable monks.  Depending on the time of the day they will allow you to visit.

Naula Aranya

Rathanapala Aranyaya in Bibile (Medagama)

  • Abbot Medagama Somananda Thero: